September 9, 2019

My visit to the Doc …

Little story I’d like to share with you. ⠀
Friday I went to see my Doc (primary care) for my annual physical. I had bloodwork done a week prior and we went over my results. I had a little concern I saw 1 item in the red and I was ready to ask her these questions, what that was and what I had to do to reduce it. I think I scared her a bit with my notebook and questions 😆. She laughed and said I had nothing to worry about. Doc said I’m one of her healthiest patient and to keep it going what I’m doing. ⠀

I was relieved 😌… yes my own mind created it’s own dramatic story and then to the find out it’s nothing to worry about. All for nothing. ⠀
Now next month, it’s my Birthday month I’ll be celebrating my last year in the 30’s 😱 😂 but a number will not define me and I’m planning to keep on going and going STRONGER. ⠀

Me being in this fit journey is not just about looking good, that’s a bonus. For me it’s about feeling good and strong, being free of health risks and harsh medications. The thing I have to deal with is my allergies but I’ve dealt with that my whole life and I am grateful I just have that. There are people in this world that don’t have it so fortunate and there is not much they can do about their condition and I admire the ones that make the best out of it. ⠀

I want you to know doing exercise and eating the right nutrition is not a punishment and I want you to break that thought. So if you don’t have any unhealthy condition stop creating one. ⠀
You are so worth it to take good care of YOU. ⠀
Look I’m not a ‘Health Saint’ I enjoy life. I have sweet cravings and have adult beverages, I am human but I don’t go overboard and do them daily. It’s a balance of 80/20 and sometimes it can be 70/30 and I get it… it’s not easy cause you have temptations all around you BUT you can beat the temptations if you just put your health first! It takes work and discipline but at the long run it’s worth it.⠀

Create that inner strength and ask yourself, ⠀
‘am I worth fighting for?’ I think you know the answer to that… and when was your last physical? ⠀
I’d love to hear what your reason is for being on your fit journey…. xoxo ⠀