Welcome to my website! 

I’m Shirley, and I’m thrilled you’re here. I’m excited to help you achieve your health and fitness goals with unwavering confidence and a sprinkle of fun. With my guidance, you can transform your body and mind and become the best version of yourself. 

A healthy and fit life is not about the size and shape of your body; it is about your mental and physical strength, while your physique is the bonus of your fitness journey. Your body and mind will feel better as you eliminate the harmful toxins and create endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that help to relieve pain or stress and boost happiness.

A little bit about me…
I was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I throw a lot of people with this fact, LOL. My family is from Indonesia and moved to the Netherlands, and Taddaa, they created me, LOL. 
Growing up, I was the skinniest and turned out to be the tallest in my family. Don’t tell my sisters about my height, haha, I tease them; they always say ”whatever, lil baby sis!” Growing up, I would hear you need to eat more food while I would be smothered with food. Yes, I was fortunate to have a fast metabolism. Growing up, I was very insecure and shy. I didn’t feel comfortable in my body or my overall self, and growing up with allergies and eczema took a toll on my skin. 

I always enjoyed PE and playing sports, but we didn’t have after-school activities sports like here in the States. So my after-school thing was walking and window shopping, haha. And riding my bike is one of our primary means of transportation. But when I went to college, I just used public transportation; I didn’t enjoy riding in the cold anymore, and it was far, LOL.
In college, I tried joining a gym with my friend but was greeted with an unpleasant experience as I overheard two ladies questioning why my friend and I were in the gym, stating that we didn’t need it. That experience hit my confidence, and I felt embarrassed and didn’t belong there. However, seeing those female athletes on TV in the back of my head inspired me to want to work towards strengthening my own physique. But I didn’t know what to do and felt ashamed to ask.

So fast forward going through college, I ate well, as my mom’s cooking is the best! And growing up, I also craved junk food. However, I was not allowed because my mom told me it was very unhealthy. When I moved to the United States after college in 2005, I did some at-home DVDs because, again, I was scared of going to the gym. Meanwhile, I ate lots of processed food and drank lots of sugary alcoholic beverages; that’s when I started to gain weight, and here’s the irony of it: my thought, FINALLY, I HAVE A BOOTY! But deep inside, I still wasn’t satisfied with my physique. 

In 2012, reality hit me: an incident that had happened made me realize I had to make a change in my health. I was at work, the manager on duty, and we received a 911 call from a guest villa on the 6th floor. The protocol is to take the stairs for these emergencies. As I ran up the stairs, I quickly became exhausted and out of breath. Still going up the stairs, I was struggling; my mind was saying, “Shirley, how are you going to help the guest if you can’t make it to the guest?”. 

I was in my early 30s and knew I should not have been that out of shape; it was time to prioritize my health. I wouldn’t say I liked running, but my partner participated in 5k running races, so I tried running. During my first running attempt, I faced another reality: I couldn’t even reach the end of the street. 
I had to start from scratch and build my cardiovascular and muscle strength. And the ”young athlete” in me wasn’t there anymore. But I persevered, as my goal was to be strong, look firm, and have muscles. 
I started going to the gym, met great people, and an inspiring instructor/mentor who encouraged me to become a Group Fitness Instructor!! My initial reaction was “”NO WAY I’M TOOO SHY!!”” 

Fast forward… here I am, a Group Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer, but honestly, I like the term Fitness Coach better. But know that I’m still on my fitness journey, maintaining my health, and at the end of the day, I am a human who loves to have fun and live my life!!
And I like to be part of your journey and be your sidekick, the sidekick I didn’t have when attempting my fitness journey in my younger years.

I am ready to bring the best out of YOU!
To bring the stronger and fitter out of you!
Question is are you ready for the best version of you!

10 year living Strength Over Skinny  #10yearchallenge #20092019💪

*Certified Personal Training; PTA Global & NCEP.
Main focus on Functional Strength and mobility training
*Les Mills; Bodypump, Bodycombat & Core
*RYT 200 hr Yoga