December 30, 2019

Spartan Beast 2019

Way overdue, got distracted with other things … finally posting my Spartan pictures that took place beginning this month. Not my best pics but still great to add to my collection, and my time was 4:35:11 🤦🏻‍♀️ which David caught up to me 😂. ⠀
However I am still thrilled that I was able to complete a lot of the obstacles… like the rope climb, pipe lair and biggest highlight for me the Beater … oh and the 8”wall that took me forever I refused to do burpees for that one so I kept observing and trying it, really killed my time but I got over it, without anyones help other than the block. 1st Trifecta check… ⠀

Looking back to my Spartan 2019 race.. ⠀
My Sprint I had to get stitches on my right shin… My Super was in Asheville which was great, was my first visit there… I didn’t do well as that was the beginning of my left leg situation but the highlight was the view and location, also a good thing was I didn’t get chased or stung by bees… that was one of the things they told us…and then the Beast, had my highs and some lows but felt good to complete my 2019 Trifecta…. ⠀
Not sure when I’m doing the next Spartan race as I want to be close to be fully recovered so that I can get back into running. ⠀
I have an upcoming half Marathon race that I’m going to do in Savannah so like to be ready for that pain and injury free.⠀