December 12, 2019

The struggle with Holiday festivities

With the Holiday season it’s so easy to loose track of you, you are busy with work, family, friends, you get invited to gatherings and with all this time crunch no way can you make a decent nutritious meals …. but is all the hard work and time you’ve put in of making you better, worth to throw it all out of the window in one day or multiple days? ⠀

If you answer yes, good for you so you are in your maintenance mode. ⠀

If your answer is ‘no’ and you want to make a difference start looking at the food you put in to your body. It’s easier said then done, I get it however to start and to think about it, is a start of changing your habit. ⠀

Diet is temporary, changing your habit is for life. ⠀

Start small for example if you want to eat appetizers eat what’s worth it, like items you normally won’t make yourself at home. ⠀

Your entree eat half, no need to clean your plate, you are not in a contest and if it’s self serve now you have the control in your hands! Eat slow and enjoy the entree. ⠀

Dessert time my motto eat what you normally don’t eat at home and see few you want to try reduce the serving size. ⠀

You don’t have to punish yourself but be in control.